A Bit About Me

It's always nice to get to know new people, so here's a bit about me...

This is me ;)

I am married to a remarkable (not to mention, HANDSOME, man named Travis). We were married  in November 2007. We met a few years before then in college and dated, fell in love and the rest is history!

 My hubby and me at a photo shoot for our 1st anniversary
We recently bought our first home, and we love it! It's so fun having a place that is all ours. Since we don't have any children (yet), we have more than enough rooms in our house to spread out! Travis has his own "man cave" and I have my own scrapbook room, which is my little piece of heaven. I spend the majority of my time in that room fiddling around with my numerous projects.
We have two adorable dogs, Baci and Quigley. They keep me occupied when I'm not crafting or cleaning, and sometimes even when I am!
I love to meet new people, to talk, to eat, to dance, to workout, and to be creative and silly. ;) I love my life and would love for you to have a glimpse into it.
Scroll down to enjoy some pictures of me and my life:

Travis and me

with my daddy
Aug. 2009 San Francisco

with my sister, Ariana, and my mom
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Aug. 2009

 with my sister-in-law Samantha and cousin Laura
July 2009

6 months old

2 years old

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