Fun Projects

Explosion Box  
This is a project that when I found it, couldn't stop making! I have made about 5 of them. I saw them in some of the scrapbook magazines, but I have to give credit to actually finding the instructions to an online site  These are so fun to make and so cute when they are done.

4 pieces of 12x12 cardstock
Ruler or tape measure
bone folder
pictures and embellishments

Bottom layer: This piece of cardstock will remain 12x12. You will need to use your ruler or tape measure to mark in from each corner 4". Score all folds so that you end up with 9 squares on the paper. Now you will cut out ONLY the corner squares of the page.

Second Layer: You will need to trim this piece of cardstock down to 11x11. Mark in from the corner 3 3/4". Score fold once again to form 9 squares and then cut out ONLY the corner squares.

Top  Layer: Trim this piece down to 10x10. Mark in from corners at 3 1/2". Score and fold and once again remove only the corner squares.

Lid: Trim down to 8x8 (or you can find some cardstock already cut to 8x8 at stores). Score in at 2" from corners and fold, but DO NOT remove the corner squares! Instead, make a diagonal score in the corner square. push in on that score to fold flaps of the lid in. Secure with glue and put a couple paper clips on to hold until glue dries.

Now you are ready to start scrapping your box! Have fun with it! After you have decorated it, glue your layers together, biggest to smallest, place the lid on top and sit back and enjoy!

If you have any questions or comments or would like more in depth instructions, please email me or leave a comment with your email. I will get back to you!

Aluminum Foil "Frames"

"Sweet Dance"
Sisi's Graduation Album

This project is so simple you won't even believe it! The frame looks like it cost more money than it did and it creates it "hammered" metal look. Chances are people won't even realize it's made from aluminum foil.

What you will need:
 Aluminum Foil (any type will do, so you don't need to go crazy!) 
A clicker pen or a dull pencil

Here's what you do. You will first take at least three sheets of foil (I generally find it does best with about 4) and you will glue them together shiny side up. They don't need to be even as you will be trimming the edges.


Let the glue dry for at least an hour. Now you will trim off the extra foil using scissors or a craft knife. TIP: If you use a craft knife, go SLOWLY or else you will tear the foil.  

After you have trimmed off the extra foil, be sure to smooth it out. This is where the "frame" portion comes in. Instead of actually cutting out the center of the foil to create a frame for a picture, I instead just glue the picture on top of the foil. After everything is complete, it will look like the picture is framed.

After you have your picture on the foil, be sure that all your sides are even, trim any excess if needed. Take your clicker pen (making sure that the pen part isn't out) or you dull pencil and you will draw any design onto the foil that you want. I found that just making a series of  "S" designs makes a beautiful look when completed, but you can do hearts, dots, etc.

It will take you some time (especially depending on the size frame you are doing) to completely cover the foil, but the end result will be similar to this...

You can glue your frame directly to a scrapbook page and embellish or leave it the way that it is. Play around with it, and see what you like the best!
*I would love to see your frame if you make one! Please send me a picture and maybe it will get posted up on the site!