Friday, April 16, 2010

This post is brought to you by the letter "O" no!

{A small blurb just for your amusement}
Things have been going steady enough with both of my current projects. I have trying to work both the ABC album and the anniversary page back to back. I'm at a spot on the anniversary page that involves more supplies {yay! Another trip to Michael's!} so I went back to the ABC album. As I was cutting out letters on my cricut, I noticed my cutting mat was starting to wear down and become less sticky. I of course kept thinking, "Just a few more letters, just a few more letters!". I got to the letter "O" and the whole piece of paper started sliding around and the "O" turned into a squiggly hole! I guess the only reason I post this up here is for the lesson in it. Don't assume that when your mat is not as tacky as it should be that what your cutting out will turn out nicely.Time to put another item on the shopping list!


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