Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Few Points of Interest...

Happy Saturday to everyone! Today is the end of the challenge that I posted on making a layout that was mainly journaling. It seems that I didn't have any takers on it, so I will try another challenge later. If you have any ideas for a challenge, let me know! Something else has happened too that is very exciting. I am now an Independent Scrapbook Consultant for MemoryWorks! I will be having scrapbook parties and everyone will be able to get their scrapbooking supplies through me. MemoryWorks sells all the top brands and trends for scrapbooking too. Their product line is great. I am so excited to be doing this, it's like a dream come true for me. Scrapbooking is  a huge part of my life and now I can share it with others while making a little money on the side!! Let me know if you want anything and we can talk!

The next point of interest in this blog is about that little ABC book that I made. Remember that? Well, I have pictures of my niece getting it that I wanted to share with you. She was so excited to get it and would read it over and over again. She loved to feel the little objects and say what they were. So, here you cute little niece Anya, and her ABC book....

I also have pictures of my mom getting her Mother's Day book. It was a very special moment. I haven't been with my mom on Mother's Day in nearly 7 years and this year I got to be. I actually gave her the book two days early since I knew we would have a house full of curious little kids running around on Mother's Day. I wanted her to take her time with the book and enjoy it and then be able to put it away before little hands found it. 
Handing the book to my mom. I wrapped it in pink tissue paper.

She loved it from page one! 

It kind of turned it to a family affair. My dad was taking the pictures, my little brother was watching as well as my little sister. And then when my older brother came with his wife and the rest of the family, my mom showed them too. :)

My mom is an amazing woman! I love her so much!

That's all I have for this episode ladies {and gentlemen}. I may be posting again today if I am able to get another challenge up. Until next time though, happy scrapping, bring your friends along and keep in touch!


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