Thursday, May 20, 2010

Santa wears a brown uniform and drives a big brown truck

It's just another manic Thursday! Actually, that would have been more precise for yesterday...crazy things happened then. One spot of of sheer delight{ment} was another knock at the front door and another package for me...yay! This one contained the reapings of my online splurge at MemoryWorks. I did a sampling of different products and designers to get a feel for what it would be that I was selling.
Do you think that it's a big enough sampling? I purposefully bought some boyish paper because I know that I am more prone to making girly things and was told by more than one person that if I would make some more boy things, they would love to buy them. So, I am going to challenge myself and try a few boy layouts. I also bought my first set of Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels. I got it in the Garden Bouquet colors. I have seen this stuff used before and really want to try my hand at it, and who can resist the pinks, purples and greens? I can't!  I also purchased the Simple Stories Life Documented kit that is exclusive to MemoryWorks. It is made to make all of your scrapbooking simplified and easy to piece together. 
 I am so excited to dive into all of my new stuff! Scrapbook shopping, shoe shopping, and clothes shopping....I don't know which one is more fun! 
  I have also come up with a to do list. I realized when I came home from my vacation that I had so many ideas racing through my head that I needed to wrangle them together and put them on paper. So, my very first major project that I am DYING to try is a gem box. That's all I will say about it, in case it fails miserably. :)
Well, it's time for me to sign off for the day....oh....just a little something to chew on, I will be hosting a MemoryWorks party in June. It will be with a good friend of mine, and we are still tossing times around, but have pretty much decided on the 5th which is a Saturday. Times will follow, but if you are in my area, stop by. It will be an open house style, so you will have a block of time to come and go as you please. Keep looking here on the blog and especially on facebook for more info. I will get all the details hammered out in the next couple of days. 
As always ladies, thanks for taking the time to drop by my blog and read. I appreciate all of you that do!


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  1. Hi-Just popping over from PIT. Love your blog! All your goodies are great!


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