Monday, April 26, 2010

Sore Feet and an Admirable Applause, Please!

Happy, Happy Monday friends! I tried very hard to get on last night, but I only had energy to sort through the party pictures. Sorry! But I am here now, and Nonno and Nona's 63rd wedding anniversary party went beautifully. I know this is not your typical "Scrapbook Blog" post like I usually do, but for the amount of creativity, planning and projects that went into this party between my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, cousin-in-law and myself, it deserves a spot on this site! And of course, just for the fact that they have been married for 63 years is reason enough!
  The party planning had been going on for weeks, there were talks of color schemes and what pattern for the plates and napkins. Getting just the right shade of red for the roses, the perfect dish...all of that. The last couple days were a frenzy of activity. Samantha {my sis-in-law} came home from school for the weekend, and her, myself and Alida {my mom-in-law} did last minute errands and then Alida and I did the all important arranging of the table preview. Yesterday I went over early to help, and was in charge of setting the tables as we had previously determined, lighting candles and cooking pasta. It was definantly an Italian kitchen with all of us running around tasting dishes and reaching over eachother to stir sauces and pasta, toss salads and chop tomatoes. But we had so much fun. I'm just going to roll the pictures now!

Alida and me putting Italian bread sticks in paper cones


The Main Table

 The Small Table {notice the shadow box in the background? ;)}

Menu for the evening {Sooooo gooood!}

My place setting, we each had a rose tucked in the napkins on our plates
{I did the folding and the tucking under the direction of Alida}

Alida had collected these classic jug jars and turned them into candle holders
They looked authentic once the candle wax began melting down the sides!

My framed scrapbook page for them was on display at the buffet table accented 
with this beautiful spray of red roses and the two little vases with the "L" and the "M" 
on them.  {Loredana and Mario}

I was told that it wasn't an Italian table unless there was a bowl of nuts
in front of Nonno's plate. 

The girls {Laura, myself, and Samantha} taking time from cooking
and decorating. We each gave a gift, I gave the scrapbook page, Laura
drew a beautiful portrait and Samantha sang an Italian opera piece. 

Samantha also conjured up her Italian cooking genes and
made {from scratch} this bowl of pasta with red sauce. MMMM!

Dessert was fabulous! Nonno and Nona in front of their lemon cake or Dolce Torte al Limone

So sweet! Nonno fed Nona one of the white chocolate hearts. 

Three layers of delicious goodness! 

 Presenting Nona with the scrapbook page. 

Nona and her gift. 

That's all the pictures folks! Thanks for coming in and remember to check back regularly, I may be doing something new with this blog after I do some brainstorming! Until then, keep on scrapping!!


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