Friday, April 23, 2010

A small hiatus

Welcome back my fellow scrappers and loyal blog readers! I am dropping in to say that for the next couple days {though I really can't say for certain} I won't be posting as much. However, that is not saying that I'm not working on projects, because quite frankly, I found a BUNCH of projects I will be doing. I just can't post them up here due to them being gifts of people who may come in and read. Darn it all, huh? I have one large project for a certain mother of mine that I am trying to make and it is giving me some problems, but I am sure I can regain control. I will be posting up some pictures for sure either Sunday evening or Monday morning of the anniversary dinner that I made the "A Taste of the Old Country" layout for. My mother-in-law puts together beautiful parties and my sister-in-law is coming home for the weekend and we are going to decorate and do some cooking. I'm excited to see everything put together! So, until either a random layout get completed in between projects here, plan on seeing me Sunday or Monday! Thanks much!


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