Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A " Great Dalmuti" of a Challenge

Evening everyone! I have been thinking a lot today about what I wanted to do next for a project. I ended up deciding to join a scrapbook challenge forum and try one of their ideas. I found one that immediately sparked up memories of a HILARIOUS photo from a few years ago of myself, my brother, my sister in law and a couple of cousins. We played a card game called The Great Dalmuti that we took rather seriously.

L to R: my little brother Ricky, Me, sister-in-law Emily, cousin Susan, and cousin Bill.

 As you can see, we even took it to the level of wearing costumes. {And yes, that IS me with a soda bottle strapped to my head and wearing my little brother's pants} There are different players in the game ranging from a Peon, to a Merchant to the coveted role of Great Dalmuti {my cousin here in the purple and the crown seemed to always be The Great Dalmuti}. Anyway, we made hats to go along with the different roles and we had to trade them up if we should advance or get booted down a level. 
  The scrapbook challenge is to make a layout of something that you do for fun with friends or family. It seems fairly simple enough, but I can assure you, this picture may just steal any limelight away from my actual scrapbooking techniques...I think there in lies MY challenge! I will keep you all posted and of course unveil the finished product! Wish me luck and have a great night....


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