Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's All About Me

I took on another challenge yesterday that I found at Scrapbooks Etc. . The challenge was to do a layout about "YOU". How funny that that should be a challenge, oh but it was! I don't scrapbook myself {I mean about myself}, unless I happen to be at the event, with the birthday person, on that get the drift. But to actually sit down and come up with a layout about ME was difficult. When it came to me, it took about an hour to finally decide on what paper to use...that was just the beginning! I will say, that after I did a small sketch of what I thought would be nice, the page did come together a lot easier.

This is the finished layout...I love the pale greens.

There was no way that I could make a layout about me and not include the lyrics to the song I am named after.

I added subtle detail around the border of the picture listing all the things that I am.

{Sorry about the flash here} At the bottom of the page, I put in random pictures of me, and squeezed in a couple different lists about me...My Likes, My Dreams, and My Hobbies.

I'm really happy that I took this challenge. I didn't realize that making a layout about me would be this difficult. It's hard to sit there and try to think of all things that you are, all things that you want to be and all the great and wonderful things about you. Funny thing is, there is usually way more good things than we give ourselves credit for! Take this challenge everyone!! Go to the link at the beginning of this post and submit your own "Me" layouts!

thanks for popping in!


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