Thursday, April 8, 2010

A New Look

For those of you that visited my site yesterday, you will notice that it looks different today. I changed a couple of things (like my fonts). I went to a site to figure out how to change my post title fonts, and manage to confuse myself. It wasn't even the instructions fault, it was mine. But somehow through trial and error, I managed. I got the code to change my font from here, and the post fonts from this site. I combined the code I found with the fonts I found as well as ones saved to my computer and this page is the result! **Whew!**Seriously though, don't do it my way. Go to and she has a tutorial for it. There's a lot of steps to it, but I'm sure, if you are smarter than me, you will manage must easier than I did! She has a lot of amazing ideas and fonts there as well! Check it out.
 Anyway, on to what I love talking current scrapbook project. I did get back to it today. My creative juices were replenished yesterday after spending the day with my husband. I did have one set back, (it was actually a pretty upsetting set back). My puppy, Quigley, ate my letter N nest. He is taller than I thought and reached up to the shelf I had it on, smelling the sticks that it was made with, and I found him and Baci later devouring it. I let out a loud distressing "No no no no!" and my husband came running. He thought my reaction was too much, but he didn't spend the time making that nest either! I guess in the end, I can make another. :) So that is on my to do list, and the project is all on track. So until later....

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